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"“ Without Felicity‚Äôs help Blue and I would not be enjoying working together as much as we do. Thank you “"

-Emma Cullen

"“ Felicity has worked wonders on our dog Rosie who was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her hips. Following a treatment session with Felicity she is bouncing around like a puppy!! “"

-Mrs K.Turner

"“ Felicity was always very professional and is an excellent physiotherapist. Timba is now walking independently, he is enjoying life and we our enjoying life with him again “"

-Tania, Phil and Timba Stephenson

"“ When your Pet has had a major operation it is comforting to have some one like Felicity to help and reassure you “"

-Helen and Alfie Salvage

"“ We were unable to ride Toto without him bucking until Felicity assessed and treated his back with the H-wave “"

-Miss J. Jenner